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Out Authentic Cooking

The pressing pace of the seasons and the choice of local raw materials belong to the culinary philosophy of Belladonna

A journey begun 40 years ago

Flavors, colors and tastes mixe stories and traditions of our old culture.

The restaurant Belladonna has a history of over 40 years, it is a perfect combination between traditional cuisine and excessive care, a inimitable place where you can appreciate the best traditional dishes reinterpreted with creativity and flair. Experience and quality are the main ingredients of our cuisine, it is inimitable and rich of flavors.

The excessive care to raw materialas

An amazing atmosphere and breathtaking views await you for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Our culinary proposals have fresh and quality products, mainly at km 0 and from local farms. Our refined cuisine characterized by precious and selected ingredients. The wide wine list offers the opportunity to match the best flavors with every sip. Discover the pleasure of enjoying authentic dishes on our terrace while you are admiring a breathtaking view.

A cuisine between tradition and innovation

Take part in a unique culinary experience where tradition and authenticity come together to create dishes with an inimitable taste.


The cuisine of Belladonna will make you live through its dishes a journey where future and tradition meet giving life to flavors that your palate. The typical Sicilian dishes are mixed in an elegant and refined balance of smells, colors and emotions reflecting part of the identity of Belladonna.

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